Learn how to have an Out-of-Body Experience over one long weekend in London

** Only 9 spaces available **
with guest instructor NANCI TRIVELLATO
Learn how to have an Astral Projection over one long weekend:

from Friday 14th to Monday 17th April 2017
10am to 10pm
in London, UK

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What is the CDP?

The Consciousness Development Program (CDP) is IAC's core curricular program. It offers the most comprehensive, transformative body of information that you are likely to find anywhere about life's most fundamental questions. Besides many other themes of existential significance, including a wide range of psychic/paranormal phenomena, students are shown how to incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives, allowing them to increase their fulfilment by living coherently within a broader, more accurate understanding of reality.

Practical and Theoretical Classes

Consistent with the importance the IAC places on verification through experience, the CDP includes not just theoretical information, but practical classes too. Special emphasis is given to the out-of-body experience (OBE) as a tool for personal growth, as it facilitates first-hand experience of the invisible non-physical world surrounding us. This, in turn, gives us a broader perspective for understanding not just paranormal phenomena, but ultimately the entire process of personal or conscious evolution.

 The CDP course includes 6 sessions aimed at inducing lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and 16 sessions to practise a variety of techniques to mobilise and control bio energies.

The classes are very dynamic and are filled with examples and interesting anecdotes that make the time pass in an engaging and immersive manner.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us either by email or telephone on +44 207 6315083.

Meet The Team

Our team of experienced instructors and volunteers look forward to welcoming you!
Meet our Team

Learn Techniques for OBE

For CDP2, CDP3 and CDP4, every second session in each module is an astral projection technique class. Theory classes include bioenergy and clairvoyance exercises, thus making the whole course experience varied and extremely enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the course?

Upon your arrival you will receive a Projectiology Book if you have booked all four modules. However, most students like to bring a notebook or laptop to take notes if required. Food and refreshments are not included with the registration. Pillows and mattresses are provided for the practical classes.

Where can I stay?

The IAC is very well located in central London. There are numerous options for accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the IAC office and in the adjoining neighbourhoods. We strongly suggest, however, that you stay in one of several hotels that are within walking distance of the IAC. This will make your stay much easier and will allow you to rest during the course, which would be ideal. If you need any help please don't hesitate to contact us.

What should I wear?

We recommend loose-fitting and comfortable clothes, particularly for the practical classes.

We are here to help and will do our best to make your experience comfortable, enjoyable and, most
importantly, practical and valuable
for your continued evolutionary journey.

Guest Instructor
Nanci Trivellato portrait

Award-Winning Course

Awarded 1st place in the Life Transformation category in the UK’s Kindred Spirit Magazine 21st Anniversary Awards.
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I entered the IAC courses out of curiosity, not knowing they would have such a life-altering effect on me. Despite the mind-blowing information, everything I was told made complete sense. I had a profound intuitive feeling that this was the truth about life that I had been looking for. Two weeks after I took the first CDP module, I had my first OBE: it shook my world! Since then, my life has changed in almost every aspect..… Anne-Marie W. The Netherlands

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CDP in Numbers:
40 Hour Course
10 Theoretical Classes
6 Practical Classes
16 Exercises with Bioenergies
4 Exercises with Clairvoyance
18 OBE Techniques
1 Book (Demystifying the OBE by Luis Minero)
How Much Does it Cost?

The fee for the complete 40-hour course including the Projectiology book is £485, or £457 if you become a member.

Book in advance

The IAC is run competely by volunteers. All proceeds from the cost of courses are used for research and to fund the costs of our premises and campus. 
Course Structure

Module 1:
10 Hours (8 theoretical and 2 practical)
  • Basis of projectiology and conscientiology
  • Analysis of the non-physical bodies
  • Benefits of the OBEs & other psychic phenomena
  • Bioenergy & its different types
  • Qualities of individual & environmental energies to develop extrasensory perception, energetic self-control and healing
  • Preparation for the out-of-body experience
  • Factors that facilitate and inhibit projective ability
  • Levels of lucidity outside the body
  • Types of out-of-body experience
  • Analysis of extraphysical (astral) dimensions

Module 2:
10 Hours (6 theoretical and 4 practical)
  • Two practical OBE classes during this module
  • Five techniques to facilitate OBEs
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Paranormal phenomena
  • Parapsychic perceptions
  • Instructions and tips on how to provoke OBEs
  • Death or the process of discarding the body
  • Interaction with & identification of non-physical beings (inside & outside the human body)
  • Advanced non-physical beings (extraphysical helpers/mentors)
  • Needy non-physical beings

Module 3:
10 Hours (6 theoretical and 4 practical)
  • Two practical OBE classes during this module
  • Eight additional techniques to facilitate OBEs
  • The mentalsoma and its role in evolution
  • Types of intelligence
  • Physical life & the application of the mentalsoma
  • The evolutionary process
  • Death and the mentalsoma
  • Types of evolutionary maturity
  • Cosmoethics and universalism
  • Mentalsoma projection technique

Module 4:
10 Hours (6 theoretical and 4 practical)
  • Two practical OBE classes during this module
  • Additional techniques to facilitate OBEs
  • Holokarma
  • Existential programme (life task or life plan)
  • Period between lives
  • Self-mimicry vs lucid life planning
  • Existential recyling and inversion
  • Evolutionary levels and the evolutionary duo
  • Homo sapiens serenissimus

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About The IAC

The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organisation with a presence in nine countries and 53 cities around the world, as well as a research campus in Portugal.

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